About Us

Berg Lawyers is a boutique commercial law firm. It provides focused commercial advice specialialing in the area of commercialising Intellectual Property. It assists both large and small clients to package, structure and transact their new technologies. Berg Lawyers also has expertise in settlement of disputes, whether by negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Berg Lawyers facilitates the commercialisation of Intellectual Property for local and international businesses and organisations. We are highly knowledgeable in providing intellectual property services, particular in the areas of patents and trademarks. These skills have been developed while assisting researchers to commercialise technology from large research facilties across South Australia. The financial return recevied by its clients from these transactions exceeds $200M.

Berg Lawyers also has a strong human rights focus and is committed to assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in relation to the recognition of their claims for lands, water and cultural property. It has been instrumental in advancing treaty negotiations, the recognition of Aboriginal rights and responsibilities, and the advancement of aboriginal title, native title, and cultural knowledge and materials.

With our combination of expertise in several practice areas, Berg Lawyers is committed to providing quality legal advice and client services to achieve favourable outcomes for its clients.